Spring into Action: The Best Time to Sell Your House in 2024

Why Spring Could Be the Best Time to List Your Property

The early months of the year often bring a fresh wave of potential home buyers, making it a promising period for sellers looking to capitalize on increased demand. According to a recent analysis by Rightmove, which excluded the anomalous year of 2020, the best time to list and sell a property in the UK is during the spring. This is supported by the data which indicates that buyer interest is currently 8% higher than last year, and the number of successful sales has risen by 13%.

Interestingly, properties listed in February and March are finding buyers faster than ever—51 and 52 days on average, respectively. This is a significant improvement compared to December 2023, where it typically took 71 days to secure a buyer.

The Advantages of Listing in April

April, in particular, stands out as a strategic month to list your property. Last year, listings in mid-April experienced a surge in views, 22.8% higher than the norm, likely driven by increased buyer activity and the attractive backdrop provided by spring. Properties also sold approximately nine days faster than the usual timeframe during this period. The natural enhancements of spring—brighter days and blooming gardens—not only make your property look more appealing but may also play a significant role in a quicker sale.

Prepping Your Home for a Spring Sale

If you're considering selling your property in 2024, it's crucial to start preparations early to take full advantage of the spring surge. Here are some steps to get your home market-ready:

  1. Understand the Costs: Before listing your property, familiarize yourself with all potential selling costs to avoid any surprises.

  2. Accurate Pricing: Obtain a professional valuation to price your home competitively. Underpricing can lead to financial losses, while overpricing might deter potential buyers.

  3. Enhance Your Home’s Appeal: Prior to taking photos for your listing, invest time in enhancing your home's visual appeal. This includes decluttering, making minor repairs, and maybe even a fresh coat of paint to ensure your home makes an excellent first impression.

  4. Professional Valuation: Consider scheduling a free property valuation with a local expert. This not only gives you a realistic idea of your property’s worth but also insights into the current market conditions and buyer expectations.

By following these steps, you can make sure your property stands out in the competitive spring market, potentially leading to a quicker and more profitable sale.


Selling your home requires timing, preparation, and a bit of strategic thinking, especially when it comes to choosing the right time to go to market. With buyer activity peaking in the spring, particularly in April, listing your property during this period might just be your ticket to a swift and successful sale. Ready to find out what your home is worth? Book a free valuation with a local property expert today and take your first step towards a successful sale this spring.


  • When is the best time to sell my house in 2024?Spring, especially April, is the optimal time based on recent buyer trends and property data.

  • How long does it typically take to sell a property in spring?On average, properties listed in spring tend to find buyers within 51 to 52 days, faster than other times of the year.

  • What should I do to prepare my house for sale?Start with a professional valuation, address any minor repairs, declutter, and ensure your home is visually appealing to attract buyers.

Feel free to use this guide to time your sale perfectly and prepare your home to catch buyers' attention. 

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